5 Best Advertising Photos of April 2014

Let me preface this by saying that this is a completely subjective post.  Great advertising is targeted at a specific customer.  It is meant to appeal and trigger something in a very specific person.  So, what I find as a great advertising photo, someone else may look at and think it’s complete rubbish!!  However, thereis always some common ground when it comes to things like humour, engagement, and attention grabbing.  That is mostly what I have focused my top 5 advertising photo selection upon.  That has also made this one of the toughest posts I have ever done, and a good part of the reason I narrowed this down to a monthly post.  Every month, throughout the world, there are amazing print ads created that most people never get a chance to see.  I may come back and do an all time list, but doing one a month is going to showcase some amazing work.   Anyways, hope you enjoy!  Let’s get started and see my top 5 advertising photos from April 2014.


Rugby Advertising Print Ad

 This advertisement for the Austrian Rugby League ticks all the boxes for me.  It is compelling in that you WANT to look at it, it’s funny, and it’s different.  Shot by Christoph Meissner, this image is just brilliant and is very much in line with something I myself would shoot.


Flanders Blegium Advertising-Photography

Another great, compelling and funny image.  One of the great things about this photo is that you really WANT to look at it and see everything going on and how it ties together with what it is advertising.  This photo is advertising tourism to Flanders, Belgium.  You wouldn’t think that at first, but once you get that you realise how awesome this image is.  Some of the translations for you…  ‘Seriously Unreasonable’ and ‘Pink Flamingo’s’.  The essence of this photo is to show a variety of things you can do in Flanders.  I would imagine some theatre, music, chips, museums.  Shot by Sacha Goldberger.


top magazine advertising photo

What is there not to love about this photo?  It instantly grabs your attention, and is quite funny.  I mean, who doesn’t love a llama in glasses that looks like Bill Gates?  The entire Top Magazine Brazil series focuses on famous, wealthy people portrayed as the animals that they may be reincarnated as, and they are all awesome.  Shot by Surachai Puthikulangkura.



Advertisements for social issues are always powerful.  This ad in Hungary is just that.  It is against a new law that bans homeless people from the streets, hence the strap line of Hiding Problems Doesn’t Solve Them.  It is truly a great ad.  I can’t seem to find who shot the photo, which is a shame.  But, you can see all other credits here.


offroad golf cart advertisement photo

I love this photo…the expression on the model is priceless and is what really drives you to want to look at this ad.  You can clearly see what the ad is for, and the advertisement itself does brilliantly in complimenting and enhancing the message.  Shot by Guto Esteves.

There you have it!  My 5 favourite advertising photos for April 2014.  Have I missed any?  Do you have a favourite?  Let us know in the comments below!

If you are curious where I find these, you can find loads of great advertisements over at Ads of the World.

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