Composite Training Workshops

Learn to create surreal, story telling, perfect images with out composite portrait photography training workshops!  These are limited throughout the year with only a couple taking place, so don’t miss out!!

Upcoming Workshops with The Societies:

Synopsis for all workshops:

In order to create the perfect image, you first need to plan.

In the morning session, George will discuss the different types of composite images you can create, as well as, the planning involved to create them. Everything from lighting and posing your subjects correctly, through to choosing and shooting your background images.

Learn how you can shoot both your subjects and backgrounds in a way that will allow you to have a library of images for future composite images.

George will then go on to explain and photograph the background images for the composite.

In the afternoon George will start with photographing the subject(s) of the composite. Here again, George will talk about the importance of lighting and posing, as well as, the planning and how our subject(s) will best fit into the background images we shot.

After this George will take you through composite photography in Photoshop, where he will demonstrate how to make cutouts of the subject(s), create and construct the background, match colours and exposures, and make sure the subject “fits” into their new background.


For members of The Societies the price is £80.  For non members the price is £120.

01/07/2014 – Gatwick London

02/07/2014 – Sevenoaks Kent

03/07/2014 – Cambridge