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[one_half last=”yes”]Based outside of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, George Fairbairn is an international, award winning photographer.  Having recently been awarded with a Fellowship with The Societies, George has been featured in industry magazines such as Photo Professional and Digital Photographer.


George’s unique and recognisable style lends itself perfectly to advertising, fashion, and promotional portraiture for bands, musicians, athletes, and celebrities.  George has worked with clients of all sizes including small start up all the way to large international companies such as Sony Music.  Creating compelling, eye catching images is what George does best.  No matter what you may require the images for, George is happy to provide a free quote and work with you.

Choosing the right photographer for your needs is a daunting and important task.  George will work with you to ensure that your brief is met, and also ensure that George’s style is the right one for your project.  One of the reasons to choose commissioning a photographer over purchasing stock imagery is that you can get exactly the image that you want.  George specialises in understanding and delivering on a brief with his creative and unique style.[/one_half]
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[fusion_tab title=”Advertising / Commercial”]Commercial and Advertising Photography – George’s distinct style and cinematic narratives in his photography lends itself perfectly for creating compelling advertising images. George has worked on advertising campaigns as an advertising photographer for brands both big and small as well as advertising for film and TV. To learn more about our advertising photographer services, please click here or contact us.[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Bands and Musicians”]Promotional Photography for Bands and Musicians – George started out as a photographer specialising in promotional photography for bands and musicians.  George understands that there are varying budgets for bands of different sizes, and therefore offers discounted rates for unsigned and independently singed bands and musicians.  George has worked with companies such as Sony Music and Raw Power Management.  Although based outside of Cambridge, George covers the entire UK and frequently can be seen shooting in and around London and throughout the world.  To lean more about our band photography services, click here or contact us for more information.[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Editorial”]Editorial Photography –  George has been an editorial photographer for many years having done commissions for magazines such as Rocksound, BBC Sky at Night, and other publications.  To learn more about George’s editorial photography services, please visit the editorial photographer page or contact us for more information.[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Fashion”]Fashion Photography – George has been a fashion photographer specialising in urban and youth brands for the last few years.  Creating compelling, youth driven images has long been a passion for George.  George combines his creativity and unique style to fashion photography giving you truly unique and compelling images that are sure to sell your clothing.[/fusion_tab]

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[testimonial name=”Nick” gender=”male” company=”Musician – Unit 9″ link=”” target=”_self”]I first met George when he was just starting out with the photography; we were a band that needed photos, he was a photographer that needed to shoot. We instantly felt relaxed with him. Fast forward a few years and with a unique style and rapidly expanding list of satisfied clients, there was only one guy to help us capture the idea for our album artwork. I’m pleased to say that one of those images is amongst the ones submitted to the SWPP in support of his fellowship application; which was of course accepted…..in turn I guess that makes me a model…dahlink! I would highly recommend George to any band or artist looking for something beyond those ‘normal’ band shots Oh and a word to the wise……don’t mention his funny accent…he is British but I think its some kind of tourettes that makes him sound weird.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”Annee” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]George has done two shoots for me and I’m planning the third. I get a huge amount of comments regarding the photos on my website. I find George a lovely chap and so very easy to work with, he directs perfectly and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Keep up the good work.