Fashion Photographer

Whether you are a small independent clothing brand, or a high street fashion brand, we can offer you fresh, unique, and aspiration fashion photography.  Our creative, and urban style has seen us win many awards for our fashion photography and fashion is our passion! (see what we did there?)  Creating images that your customers can not only relate to, but aspire to be like is what we are good at.

Fashion Photographer Rates

We don’t quote based upon time for our services.  We understand that no two shoots are the same and that each shoot has it’s own personality.  For these reasons we quote a creative fee for our services, then a license for use of the images and then will discuss any additional expenses (ie makeup artists, venue hire, prop purchases).    Some example of prices:  A small, independent t-shirt brand that wants a 1-2 hour shoot in a free urban location for internet use only, would typically be around £400 excluding expenses.  A larger fashion brand that will use the images for more advertising would have a higher fee based upon the license required.  As an example, a fashion brand requiring a full day shoot with a 1 year license to use the images in magazines and posters would typically be around £1000 excluding expenses.  These prices are listed as examples only, and all shoots require their own, bespoke quote.

Send us an email, or give us a call and we will be happy to talk through your brief, needs, and ideas to give you a free quote for our fashion photographer services.

What Areas Do We Cover?

Based in London and Cambridge in the United Kingdom, our commercial and advertising photographer services are offered both nationally and internationally.  We understand that there are a lot of advertising photographers that you could choose from, this is why we always provide a free quote and understand that sometimes location and style play a big role in your decision making.  We frequently work in and around London and throughout Europe.  As an American ex-pat living in the UK, we often find ourselves working in the US as well.

Let’s talk about working together. Or just a chat over a cup of coffee, my treat!

P: +44(0)7791 109049 E: george@gfphoto.co.uk