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[one_half last=”yes”][title size=”3″]What is an Editorial Photographer?[/title] Simply put an editorial photographer is a photographer that captures images to support the written word. The writing can be an article in a magazine, website, or in an advertisement. Editorial photography isn’t very different from advertising photography in the sense that is also needs to capture the reader attention and sell the article / product it is supporting. Typically an editorial photographer is thought of as a photographer that takes images for magazine, and this is where we have the most experience in having done editorial work for magazines such as The Sky at Night, Garden Trade News, Rocksound, MMA+, and Professional Image Maker.[/one_half]


[one_half last=”no”][title size=”3″]Rates and Quotes [/title]Unfortunately there is no short answer here, as no two commissions are ever the same. We do though provide a free, no obligation quote and will discuss things with you in detail. Rates will depend greatly on your budget, the size of your magazine or publication, and the run for which the images are to be used. For these reasons, we don’t list a “recommended” price for our services, as no two shoots ever have the same requirements. We are however, more than happy to discuss your vision, needs, and budget to come to the best price for our editorial services. Send us an email, or give us a call to discuss your needs and we will do our best to estimate times and give you an accurate, free quote.[/one_half]

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Being based just outside of Cambridge, we are able to cover all the of the UK rather easily.  Cambridge, London and East Anglia are where we spend most of our times, but dont’ hesitate to contact us if you are in Birmingham, Liverpool, or somewhere in Europe.  We can cover the entire UK including England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland as well as worldwide.  Some locations will incur travel expenses.[/one_half]


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[one_half last=”yes”][title size=”4″]What Areas Do We Cover?[/title][testimonials backgroundcolor=”” textcolor=””]Based outside of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, our commercial and advertising photographer services are offered both nationally and internationally.  We understand that there are a lot of advertising photographers that you could choose from, this is why we always provide a free quote and understand that sometimes location and style play a big role in your decision making.  We frequently work in and around London and throughout Europe.  As an American ex-pat living in the UK, we often find ourselves working in the US as well.[/one_half]


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P: +44(0)7791 109049 E: george@gfphoto.co.uk[/content_box]