Drummers Need Awesome Photos Too!




Drummers are the driving force behind all music.  They create the beat, create the emotion, and give the music life.  But, drummers are often the neglected souls when it comes to having awesome photography.


No more!


Drummers!  You are awesome, and you deserve awesome photos!  Whether you are a session drummers, an instructor, or holding drum camps and workshops I am here for you!  No longer will drummers suffer from having bad photos.  No!  I won’t allow it, and you shouldn’t allow it either.


My pricing is competitive and is based upon how you want to use the images.  If you just want them for social media and a website, then it’s not very expensive at all.  If you want them for magazine or endorsement ads then they will be a little more.  Either way, it’s affordable and you will look amazing.

Get In Touch and Let’s Make Awesome