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Bands... it's my first passion as a photographer.  Perhaps it's because I am a failed musician myself (I could never keep a band together and am not all that great on the guitar).  Maybe it's because I love the creativity that I can pursue photographing bands.  Whatever it is, I love photographing bands and feel that they help me produce my best work.


Why You Need Band Photos?


Besides wanting to immortalise your band with your fans and audience, there are a few reasons that you might want to commission a photographer for your band.

  • Everything is visual today.  Potential fans, or people that haven't heard your music, are more than likely going to see a photo or a video of you before they ever hear one note of your music.  Think about it...if you are online and you see someone share a song by someone, what do you see first?  A picture... and hopefully a badass one that will make you want to click and listen.
  • Advertising - You need something for those tour posters, YouTube thumbnails and merch don't you?  Your promotional photos are you identity outside of your music.  It's a visual representation of who you are as a band or musician.
  • Magazine submissions - If you want to be featured in magazines you can send them over a phone snap or the photo your cousin took in the back garden... but readers will most likely skip right past those, unless they have heard of you.  You need an eye catching, professional photo to stand out in a magazine.
  • It's Your Identity - I know I mentioned it already, but your photos are how people see you and recognise you.  There is nothing worse than seeing a photo of a band that looks like they would be punk and have it turn out to be pop.  Make sure your photos represent who you are as individuals, but also who you are as a band and what you sound like.


This All Sound Great, But What's the Cost?

The cost isn't as much as you are thinking!  For band photography I offer a pretty basic pricing structure that you can see below.

  • Standard - Non Commercial Shoot

    Perfect for bands that want images for social media, tour posters and general promotion

  • £200
  • An on location shoot*
  • Up to 10 fully edited high res images to use in your promotion
  • *Please note that if you are outside of London and the South East of England there may be an additional travel charge. If you require a studio shoot there will be an additional charge of £60 for studio rental
  • Images must be used for non commercial purposes.. ie, not used on t-shirt and other merchandise or as album artwork or in album sleeves.
  • Commercial Use Shoot

    Perfect for bands that want images for album artwork and/or merchandise

  • POA
  • A shoot for whatever your needs, with the images being given a license to use commercially. This would include things like album artwork and merchandise.
  • The nature of commercial use will vary from shoot to shoot. Because of this, pricing will depend on the requirements of the license. Please get in touch to discuss your budget and requirements for the shoot.

Can We Talk About My Shoot?


Definitely!  I am always available to chat about your shoot, your requirements, and what you are looking for.  I want to ensure that the images we create are the best images we can create for your band.  I can offer as much input into the styling of the shoot as you want, or I can be as hands off as you want.  Having photographed bands for a few years for magazines, labels, and private shoots, I have a good understanding into what images work for your needs.  I give each shoot my full attention and want to give you the best possible images that I can for your band.


Get in touch and let's talk about making awesome images together.

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