Here at George Fairbairn Photography we offer eye-catching advertising photography, so good it’ll make you wanna slap yo mamma (we might be a tad obsessed with Friday after Next!). Like any good metal band our photography style is born of the fiery pits of hell, brought forth to unleash compelling, narrative, and conceptual images that stops people in their tracks.

Bright, colourful and full of character, if our photography style was a movie it would be directed by Wes Anderson, if it was a food it would most definitely be chilli chocolate (a little bit sexy, a little bit dangerous).

We’re not here to teach you to suck eggs but did you know non-film ads hold a consumer’s attention for on average 3 seconds? Bland photography just won’t cut the mustard, you need impactful & unique images that leap off the page, peel your eyes back and scream, “LOOK AT ME!!”, and that’s what we can provide by the truckload. Teaming up your campaign vision with our photography is a match made in heaven… or the fiery pits of hell (more rawk!).

We’re always on the look out for campaigns and projects that will tickle our creative fancy so click here if you think we’re the right people to deliver your upcoming campaign imagery and we’ll get back to you faster than a bat out of hell (sorry for the gratuitous Meatloaf reference our Marketing Manager is a fan!).

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Agencies, Brand Managers, Countrymen. Lend me your ears

Time to get on our soapbox; your next campaign deserves more than stock photography, that’s like giving your wife an iron for her birthday! Yes it’s quick, easy and you can get it done on a lunch break but believe us it’s bound to give you more hassle than it’s worth (we can neither confirm or deny George learned this the hard way!).

We know that no two shoots are the same so we tackle each job fresh, no one size fits all packages here. We have access to a team of prettification specialists (make-up artists), scene sculptors (stylists) and merchandise mavens (product marketing experts) to offer a full creative solution for SMEs. Or for those with more resources we can provide an award-winning photographer that has the likeability of a box of puppies paired with the creative intelligence of Brian Cox (George is a massive BC fanboy!).

We’ve had the privilege of working with brands across the UK, Europe and the USA so distance is no object, just think of us as the Phileas Fogg of the photography world.

Hey Mr/Ms Business-Type, we’re loving that you’re checking our photography out. You’re obviously working for a progressive business that looks around LinkedIn and yawns in the face of average commercial head shots. If you’re up for something more than the white background, tilt of the head and click scene we’d love to hear from you.

Nothing stands out more in business than showing your personality, paint a picture for your audience by commissioning portraits with us.

Have studio, will travel! We understand, you’ve got a busy schedule, all you need to do is carve an hour or two out of your day and we can come to your location. We can add in dynamic backgrounds (if your office is super beige) to make your corporate portraits truly spectacular.


What’s up, I hear you’re launching the next great product, that’s awesome! Whether it’s a cupcake caddy or chicken jackets (seriously, it’s a real thing!) you’re going to need product photography that sells your brainchild to consumers as well as businesses.

We’ve worked with companies that sell everything from headphones to rabbit hutches to deliver impactful photography used in campaigns across the globe.  We specialise in creating images that sell your product.  This can be shots of the product on it’s own, or full blown lifestyle and portrait advertising images.

If you think we’re the right people for your next campaign give us a call, we’ll bring the photography skills you bring the pioneering products!


“What on earth is stop motion I hear you cry?”  Have you ever seen Wallace and Gromit?  Or perhaps the best stop motion film ever made Kubo and the Two Strings?  If you have, that is stop motion.  If you haven’t, get comfortable and watch Kubo and the Two Strings.  You won’t be disappointed.

“That’s amazing!  But how can I use something like that?  Surely that costs an arm and a leg!”  We specialise in creating eye catching and awesome short stop motion animations.  Nothing as extravagant as Kubo (though we could) so it’s much more cost effective than you might think.  We like to create short, 30 seconds and less, stop motions that will make your prospective customer stop and look. (see what we did there?)


Stop motion animations provide a tremendous ROI (fancy speak for return on investment).  If you want to see how we can make you an amazing stop motion, get in touch and let’s chat!




Why Choose Us

  • Creative – We offer a unique and distinctive style
  • Commercial – We pride ourselves in delivering on time and within budget
  • Craic – We love a bit of fun and get the very best from every model we work with
  • Clarity – If you have a vision, we can make it happen


What Areas Do We Cover?

Based outside of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, our commercial and advertising photography services are offered both nationally and internationally.  We understand that there are a lot of advertising photographers that you could choose from, this is why we always provide a free quote and understand that sometimes location and style play a big role in your decision making.  We frequently work in and around London and throughout Europe.  As an American ex-pat living in the UK, we often find ourselves working in the US as well.

Like what you see?  Let’s talk about working together. Or just a chat over a cup of coffee, my treat!

P: +44(0)7791 109049 E: george@gfphoto.co.uk

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