Big Prawn Company | Happy Halloween | Stop Motion Animation


Stop Motion for Big Prawn Company

I love stop motion.  It allows you to do so many different things both as a photographer and as a brand.  You can use it to announce new products, highlight aspects of a product or service, or even just as a simple holiday message.  This was exactly the case when I was asked by creative agency Thump to create a stop motion for the Big Prawn Company for Halloween.

The brief for this shoot was both simple and complex.  The story board for what we were going to create was simple.  The execution for the stop motion was a little more complex… which was something I relished and enjoyed.  I love problem solving and this stop motion have me both problem solving as well as creativity.

The essence of the brief was to have a character approach an un-carved pumpkin and then cut to a face on view of our character cutting and chopping as if it’s carving the pumpkin.  After that we would cut back to our original perspective and show our character leaving revealing a pumpkin carved with a crab design (more on this in a moment).  As our character is leaving she remembers she hasn’t lit the pumpkin.  She stops, looks back and viola!  The pumpkin is lit and our character leaves the scene.

The reason we made a crab in the pumpkin is that the Big Prawn Company wants everyone to know they do so much more than prawns.  Crab is their second biggest product and something they want to promote more… hence the crab pumpkin design.

The Stop Motion:


This was a really fun stop motion to create.  I loved the story we were trying to tell, and I loved the complexity involved in bringing that story to life.  This involved a lot of planning to ensure that nothing would not flow when it was all put together at the end as well as making sure it fit within our given length of time.

I hope you enjoyed this stop motion, I certainly did!  If you would like to discuss how I can bring stop motion animation to your business, please get in touch or read more about the stop motion video services I offer.

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