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Stance Socks – Colourful Product Photography

If you have looked through my product photography before you will know that I am a fan of bright colours, matching colours, and using opposite complimentary colours.  If you know anything about me, you will also know that I exclusively only wear Stance Socks.  As absurd as that sounds, exclusively wearing only one brand of sock, it’s true.  I have never found another brand of sock that not only looks amazing, but are the most comfortable socks ever…. ever!!!

With that out of the way, doing these photos of Stance Socks was something I was massively looking forward to.  Their socks typically lend themselves to bright and colourful photos, and the socks I photographed here were no exception.  Lots of bright colours, and a lot of different ideas were floated around.  For the three tone sock, the idea came pretty quickly and easily.  For the “Glazed” socks, it was a little more tricky.  In the end I went with both styles of colour that I like to do… matching colour, and using complimentary colour.  This gives brands options that they may not have thought about when it comes time to use the images in their advertising.  For me, I love the look of the matching pink on pink.  But, I think the pink on blue lets the socks stand out a little more and would make for better advertising.  Here are the finished photos.

You can download a printable A4 sheet from this shoot here.
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Product Photography – Stance Socks

Product Photography – Conclusion

You can download a printable A4 sheet of this shoot here.

As you can see from the image above, all are bright and vibrant and keeping with my style of product photography.  But, they are all also very minimalistic and leave a lot of room for copy and text which allows the images to be used both on social media, but also for print advertising as well.

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