Making Toast | Stop Motion Animation

Making Toast – A Stop Motion Animation

If you don’t know already, I absolutely love creating stop motion animation videos.  It’s a chance to bring life to something that most people might not even give a second thought to.  For this one, I took a Morphy Richards toaster, some bread, and decided to make toast.  The concept was simple.  Have a slice of bread push in a plate, climb the toaster, get toasted, and climb back down to the plate.  The only difficult aspect of this stop motion was having the toaster lever stop where I wanted it to in order to capture the movement in a series of still photographs.  This is where blue tack came into play, and it worked brilliantly.

Have a watch of the short stop motion below:

The Stop Motion:

As you can see the stop motion video is short, but the message it gets across is clear.  This is one of the brilliant things about stop motion animation (in addition to a few others).  The stop motion is short, eye catching, and allows itself to be used across multiple platforms for advertising.  For myself, I take each stop motion I shoot and create a YouTube version (seen above) as well as a square version for my Instagram feed as well as a vertical version for use in my Instagram stories.  Creating these alternative formats is easy and is something I incorporate for all of my stop motion clients as well.


Besides getting a sweet little stop motion, one of the many benefits of stop motion animation is that it’s a series of high resolution still photographs. This gives you images that can compliment your video campaign.  Here are a couple of the still from the stop motion seen above.


This was a super fun, and super easy stop motion to create.  All said and done, this stop motion was thought of, planned, shot, and edited in around 5 hours.  This makes short stop motion animations such as this one a very cost effective way to boost your brand and your advertising.  If you would like to learn more about how I can create a stop motion for you, you can read more about the process of stop motion here or you can email me here and we can talk through your ideas.