Breakdancer | Personal Project

So these images were actually going to be a part of my Gen X Dreamers project, but I think it may actually lead to another project all together.  In case you aren’t familiar with Gen X Dreamers, this is a project where I am photographing Generation X people that still pursue their childhood hobbies and dreams.  The breakdancer falls into that completely, and was the reason that I went and photographed him.

However, once I got home and started editing the photos something happened.  I fell in love with the shapes his body was making.  They slapped me across the face and I couldn’t see anything else…shapes, awesome shapes.  Keeping with my initial edit of 80’s themed, I decided to highlight those shapes with neon, and these images were born.

It’s gotten me thinking about the shapes that people’s bodies make when they are active… thus me thinking of a new and completely different project.  We shall see.  In the meantime, enjoy these breakdancing images.

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