Super Mario Gangham Style | Stop Motion Animation

Super Mario Dances Gangham Style

If you haven’t noticed, I have been doing a LOT of stop motion this year.  What started out as an experiment has turned into a big part of what I offer as a photographer.  Saying that, I am always trying to improve my skills and challenge myself with new things.

Up to this point, all my stop motions (both commissioned and personal) have involved using food or static objects.  I wanted to try something that could move, even if that movement was minimal.  Enter Mario.  Why Mario?  Well, if you have worked with me or seen me you will know that one of my arms is covered in a Super Mario Bros tattoo sleeve.  I love mario… it reminds me of my childhood and generally just unbound joy.

So, when I found an articulating Super Mario online I knew that I had a good stop motion project.

Why Gangham Style?  That has to do with a couple of things.  One, it’s a fairly simple, repeating dance.  Two, it’s become quite popular again since featuring as a dance in the game Fortnite.  Mario couldn’t quite make the moves that I wanted, but I certainly got him close.  Have a watch of the stop motion animation below.

Super Mario Stop Motion:

Final Thoughts:

I loved making this.  I wish Mario would’ve been a little more flexible, but I think you can see the dance in the animation.

Stop motion is becoming hugely popular as a form of advertising recently.  Specifically on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.  Short, 10-15 second animations have instant impact and provide valuable context and information for your customers.  They are also very cost effective with a high ROI.  If you have thought about having one made for your brand, get in touch… let’s chat!