Breakfast Stop Motion Animation

Bagel, Egg, and Coffee Stop Motion Animation


I recently created a short stop motion animation about a healthy-ish breakfast.  A bagel with cream cheese and blueberries, a soft boiled egg and some coffee.  All within 15 seconds which makes it perfect as an advertisement on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories.  Watch the stop motion below.


The Stop Motion:



High Resolution Stills:


The nice thing about stop motion is that it is merely a series of high resolution photographers.  The above stop motion is not only 4K, but you also have full, high resolution images of each and every frame from the animation.  For some animations, this means there are dozens of images that can be used on their own.  This animation is one of those… there are around 10 images in there that work brilliantly on their own.  Below are a couple of those images.







Stop motion animation is a great and cost effective way to give your business or brand eye catching advertising.  All animations can be made to whatever length of time you require.  Social media lends itself to animations under 30 seconds and they can be shot both vertically and horizontally. If you would like to discuss how a stop motion animation can benefit your business, get in touch and let’s chat.