Stop Motion Animation | Ice Cream Beach Party

I wanted to create something for summer, so onto Amazon I went and found these awesome little wooden Ice Lollies and decided to create a stop motion and shoot some stock images with them.


The idea for the stop motion was simple, I wanted the ice lollies to dance on the beach.  I created a basic beach scene using different colours of card and set about shooting the stop motion.  My initial idea was to simply have the ice lollies dance on the beach, but then I decided that they needed a little intro.  So I started with a gymnastics inspired intro to being the ice lollies onto the beach… and then they dance!


Watch the stop motion animation below.


The Stop Motion:


Still Images:


Shooting stop motion animations gives you the advantage of having high resolution stills for any frame in the animation.  This stop motion was a little more specific and shorter than others, but it still provided me with a couple of great still images.






This was a really fun stop motion to create.  It challenged me in a couple of areas that I hadn’t worked on with stop motion before.  The “wave” in particular… ensuring that each lollie went up straight and the exact same amount as the others.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, and if it wasn’t perfect it would have driven me insane later!


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