American Idiot the Musical Mock Advertising Poster | Workshop for Fujifilm

American Idiot Musical Poster


At the beginning of July, I was asked by Fujifilm UK to hold a workshop on combining music and advertising photography.  This was a workshop that I had been looking forward to from the day that I put it in the diary.  It was combining my two favourite things to shoot, music and advertising.


I approached the workshop with the goal of teaching the delegates how to shoot to a brief, and how to do that when the brief involves something to do with the music industry.  With this in mind, I broke the day down into two distinctly separate briefs.  The first was to advertise an event that featured or focused on music, and the second was to shoot an ad campaign for a musical instrument.  This second brief will have it’s own blog post… coming in a couple of weeks.


For this post I want to focus on the first brief I made up for the workshop.  The brief was reasonably simple… shoot ad posters for the musical American Idiot.  I provided a lot more depth than that in the brief, but that was the essence.  I focused this brief on the character Jonny and his alter ego St Jimmy.  Below are three mock posters that I put together using images that I shot on the day.


American Idiot the Musical Ad Posters Mock Up







For this brief I focused purely on trying to portray the character Jonny from Green Day’s American Idiot.  Jonny was a musician who got caught up in drugs and drinking before winding up in an office job that he despised.  His alter ego St Jimmy was… well, an asshole and a low life and I wanted to posters to show that which would interest passerby’s in the musical if this were on a bus shelter or in a tube stop.


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