Pop Musician Promo Portraits | Pete Bond

Pete Bond Promotional and PR Portraits


Not long ago I was asked to create portraits for electronic pop musician Pete Bond.  We wanted to confine the shoot entirely to a studio and use a studio environment to create images that reflect the nature of Pete’s music.  After discussing a few ideas, we had a plan involving a lot of colour and personality.


I shoot quite a bit on colourful backgrounds, but I don’t shoot with coloured gels very often.  This shoot involved using a lot of coloured gels on my lighting.  I used these colours a little differently than what you might see around today.  Instead of using the colours as the main light and colouring Pete in with different colours, I used the coloured gels as fill light… making the shadows a different colour than black.  On some images this is very obvious.  These would be sets where I used two lights…one key without a gel and one fill with a gel.  Others I used three lights… one key without a gel and two fills using gels.  The latter created an interesting look where half of Pete’s face of purplish in colour and the deep shadows are green.


Anyways, enough technical talk from me… enjoy the photos!


The Portraits:


The first image uses no gels….











So there you have it!  This was a really fun and collaborative shoot with ideas being bounced around by both Pete and I to get images that truly reflected his music.  Check out Pete and his music here.


If you need promotional and PR portraits for your music or band, get in touch and let’s talk!