Stop Motion Animation | Moju Habanero + Energy Cold Pressed Boost Drink

If you can’t tell already, stop motion animation is one of my absolute favourite things to create.  It gives me an opportunity to use my creativity and my skills as a photographer to put things into video… and it’s cool to give life to something that you wouldn’t normally see moving around.


Recently I created a stop motion animation for Moju’s Habanero + Energy Boost drink.  The idea was simple… show that the drink contains habanero and that it provides energy.  I wanted to keep it consistent with my current style of paper cut outs, so made the explosion out of coloured card to give it that cartoon like quality.


Watch the stop motion below.


The Stop Motion Animation:




Advertising Product Photography Stills:


One of the many benefits to stop motion is that I am creating an animation with a series (usually hundreds) of high resolution photographs.  This means that any particular frame can be used as an advertising image.  The way that I shoot means that there is usually more than enough room for copy and text as well giving you great flexibility and use with a single commission.  Below are just a few stills from the above stop motion.





Did You Know?


Did you know that 68% of consumers are likely to make a purchase after watching a branded video?  Did you know that native Facebook videos get 6x most reach that any other type of Facebook post?  If you aren’t already, it’s time to incorporate video into your marketing mix.  Stop motion is a good, cost effective way to incorporate video into your marketing.


If you want to discuss your stop motion animation requirements, please get in touch and let’s chat!