Stop Motion Animation | Loving Earth Vegan Chocolate

Coffee and Cacao Chocolate Stop Motion

I recently created a stop motion animation with Loving Earth’s Coffee and Cacao vegan chocolate.  In it I had chunks of the chocolate bar come in and “eat” the coffee beans and cacao and then join together creating the finished bar.  The bar then moves into the Loving Earth packaging and the animation finished.  The stop motion animation is kept below 15 seconds allowing it to be used more effectively on social media, including Instagram stories and highlights.  The stop motion animation was created with a Fuji X-T2 camera, Elinchrom Quadra lighting and Dragaonframe software.  Watch the stop motion below.


The Stop Motion:



Photographic Advertising Still Images:

One of the awesome things with creating stop motion is that you also get high resolution still photography from it as well.  Below are a couple of my favourite still from the stop motion (some with added background coffee beans and cacao)








Stop motion animation has quickly become one of the favourite things that I do as a photographer.  It gives me the opportunity to create something unique and different and something that will help brands grow their social media presence and grow their sales.


If you would like to commission a stop motion animation for your brand, please get in touch and let have a chat about your requirement.