Vertical Stop Motion | Dash Cucumber Water

Vertical Stop Motion


Social media, it’s arguably the most important form of advertising available for brands today. With that, brands needs to keep up with changes and the ways that they get the attention of their audiences.  One way that brands are starting to do this is with the use of stop motion.  Stop motion isn’t anything new, in fact it’s a very old process.  But, grabbing the attention of audiences has led to a rise in the role of stop motion.  Stop motion offers brands a unique and eye catching way of advertising, in a way that is cheaper than traditional video.  It also allows brands to do things that aren’t possible with traditional, such as animating physical objects.


With all of that in mind, I created a stop motion for Dash Water Cucumber Water.  With this stop motion however, I did one thing differently than normal.  I shot this stop motion to be vertical.   I did this for a number of reasons.


Why vertical stop motion?

  • Fills the screen on mobile devices
  • Perfect size for Instagram stories
  • Perfect size for Facebook stories

All of the above reasons makes a vertical stop motion even more powerful than a traditional stop motion.  Unfortunately, YouTube currently doesn’t allow for the uploading of vertical videos… so below is an amended version of the vertical stop motion.


You can view the vertical stop motion as it was originally shot on my Instagram page in the “Highlights” section here:  @georgefairbairn  (note… you must be on mobile to view this)


The Stop Motion




Still From the Stop Motion


One of the nice things about stop motion is that it is just photography, a series of still images put together to create an animation.  This means that we can take any still from the stop motion and use it as a still image for advertising.  It’s a two for one!  Below are some still from the stop motion that work great on their own as product advertising photography images.








If you are looking for eye catching, yet affordable way to advertise your products and services, stop motion animation might be for you.  It offers you still imagery as well as animation to grab your audiences attention and can be shot in a traditional 16:9 format or a vertical format of 9:16, which is perfect for filling the screen on mobile devices.


If you would like to discuss your brands stop motion animation needs, please get in touch.