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If you follow my photography at all, you will know that I do a lot of work with the nail industry.  It’s something I absolutely love doing for a number of reasons.  The nails are always out of this world amazing, and the themes and creativity for the shoots is second to none.  Photographing nails gives me a chance to get creative with beauty portraits, and it’s something I absolutely love doing.


This is a series of images that I have wanted to share since I shot them back in Sept 2017.  But, shortly after the shoot, we learned that one of the images was going to be a cover for Scratch Magazine.  This meant that we needed to keep the images from this shoot under wraps until the issue was out.  Because of the bright, pastel tones in the image, Scratch wanted to use it for a spring issue, which has just now come out!  So, now you can see the images from this nail shoot.  If you remember, I also had a cover image with Scratch Magazine that had a yellow background as well.


So, about the shoot.  The original concept for this was actually for a nail art competition.  These nail art competitions always have a theme and the theme for this was “professions”.  If you can’t tell from the nails and the styling in the shot, the theme here was a lollipop lady.  The nails are red, yellow, and green like a traffic light and then we have the physical lollipop to drive the message home a little bit.  The nails were slightly translucent and I wanted to make sure that we captured that in the photos.  With the shape and design of these nails, I was really pleased we had two hands to work with.  This allows me to pose the hands in a way that showed the profile of the nails as well as the top.  Both of these angles definitely deserved to be seen and I think you will agree!  Anyways, here are the images and the cover.


Scratch Magazine Cover:




Other Images:


Obviously this wasn’t the only image shot on the day.  Here are some of my favourites from the shoot.













So there you have it.  An absolutely stunning set of nails that I was able to photograph and have on the cover of Scratch Magazine.  I absolutely love photographing nails and these nails were an absolute treat to photograph.  So much going on all around the nails and I made sure to capture all of that.  If you are a nail professional and would like awesome photography for you nails, have a look at the rates for nail shoots and get in touch.