Student Farmer Magazine Cover | NFU Farming Lego Photography


Lego Photography for NFU Student Farmer Magazine


It’s always nice when a personal project leads to commissioned work.  This was the case with my Lego series The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman.  The good people at the NFU (National Farmers Union) saw my Lego series and got in touch to talk about creating an image for the cover of their Student Farmer magazine.


The Brief:

What the NFU were looking for was an image that could show “building a business”.  We talked through a few different ideas on how this would work and in the end settled on something showing a Lego character reading “instructions” on how to put together various bits of farming related items.  I shot this with cows in pieces, a tractor in pieces, everything in pieces and everything put together.  It was a fun shoot and the resulting magazine cover looks amazing, as you can see below.


Student Farmer Magazine Cover:




Other Images:


The NFU only needed one image for the cover of the magazine.  But I shot and created a lot more than that.  Below are some of my favourite images from the shoot.  All the images were shot with a lot of negative space at the top, for copy and titles.  Because of this, I have cropped the images square to minimise how much negative space you see.

First is the cover image on it’s own, then a selection of my favourites from the shoot.














So there you have it!  I reasonably simple shoot, but one that I absolutely loved.  The brief from the NFU was clear and concise, making my job easy.  I gave the NFU a variety of images and variations on the brief to ensure that all the bases were covered (to use an American phrase).  The resulting cover looks great and definitely gets the message across.


If you are a business or publication that would like still life and product photography like what you see here, please get in touch and let’s chat!