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Batch Organics Food Photography


Recently I did some photos of the amazing smoothies by Batch Organics.  Batch Organics smoothies are basically flash frozen cups of awesomeness… all the ingredients you need for an amazing smoothie.  Simply open the cup, add water or milk (I use rice milk), blend and enjoy!


For this I shot everything on a bright background to highlight the fresh feel of Batch Organics.  All the key ingredients are layed around the cup giving you a delicious representation of what a Batch Organics smoothie will be like.  I find that photographing food (especially ingredients) on bright backgrounds is something I love doing.  It adds happiness and freshness to the image.  That is exactly what I wanted to bring with the Batch Organics photos you see below.


For this I shot the following Batch Organics smoothies:  Cacao & Protein, Mint & Matcha, and Coconut & Protein.  Enjoy the images below, and try Batch Organics smoothies!


The Images:









So there you have it.  Three delicious smoothies by the amazing Batch Organics.  All shot against a bright, pastel blue background.  This background colour was chosen for it’s brightness, it’s freshness, and the fact that it wouldn’t conflict with any of the food colours we were going to be using.


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