The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman | Part 4

Continuing on with my lego photography series The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman, I have some new characters for you to meet.  When my son and I play Lego it is always based around the same story, with my character being Thor the Policeman and my son’s character being Alex.  Some other characters have long standing places in the story, and some come in only to never be heard from again.  Below are a handful of those one off characters, as well as another version of Alex (who is constantly evolving).


S.W.A.T. Alex –




Alex loves being in the Lego City police department, but he has always felt it needed something…. something more.  So he started a S.W.A.T. department, one that really wasn’t needed.  Thor the Policeman is convinced Alex only started the S.W.A.T. department so that he could get cool “gear”.  Here you see Alex in his full S.W.A.T. outfit, and he does look pretty awesome!


Astronaut Batman –




With Alex and Thor the Policeman doing such a good job of eliminating crime in Lego City, the old superhero’s are having to find new things to occupy their time.  Batman has decided to pursue a long standing passion of his… space.  Batman has taken his vast wealth and invested it into exploring space as far and wide as he possibly could.  Of course Alex has taken this as an opportunity to fight bad guys across the universe.


The Iron Firefighter –




Another superhero that is finding himself out of work is Iron Man.  Iron Man has decided that he didn’t want his suits collecting dust and has started donating them to various businesses and organisations across Lego City.  The first of these was the Lego City Fire Department.  The new Iron Man suit allows the firefighters to rescue cats (and dogs) from trees with ease.


Pizza Delivery Ghost –




The pizza delivery ghost is a complex character.  No one knows where he came from, or how he died.  But, he was once a pizza delivery guy that is now a wisdom imparting ghost.  The pizza delivery ghost travels throughout Lego City imparting advice and wisdom to everyone he comes in contact with.


Rebecca the Vet –




Rebecca is the sole Lego City vet, and also Alex’s oldest daughter.  Rebecca is responsible for taking care of all the pets and animals within Lego City, which is a lot.  Because of her extremely heavy workload, Rebecca doesn’t get out much and her only real friend is her father Alex and Thor the Policeman.


The Twins –




No one is really sure where the twins came from, or who their parents are.  But since their arrival the twin have done nothing but cause mischief in Lego City.  They enjoy using their almost identical looks to prank the citizens of Lego City.  Thor the Policeman is the only one who can always tell them apart and is the spoiler of most of their plans.




So there you have part 4 of The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman.  If you haven’t read the other 3 parts, please be sure to check them out here.