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Digital Boob Team Advertising Campaign for Coppafeel


I will start this post by saying that breast cancer is something every person should be thinking about, male or female.  It is because of this, that I donate my time to the amazing charity that is Coppafeel.  Coppafeel are all about making sure that you check your boobs, and they do it in a fun way.  Talking about your boob health shouldn’t be taboo, it should be normal… and that is the aim of what Coppafeel does.  They simply want you to know your boobs and to check them regularly!


With that in mind, the geniuses at Coppafeel are always thinking of different ways to deliver this message to you.  A couple of years ago I did a shoot with them and Greg James in a launderette to announce Greg as the Uni Boob Team leader and ambassador.   This year I have gone to Latitude Festival with Coppafeel (post on that later), but I also helped them create images for new members of their Digital Boob Team.  The Digital Boob Team, or DBT, consists of different social media influencers that happily spread the word about Coppafeel and the importance of checking your boobs.


The aim of the shoot was simple enough.  Shoot a campaign of the new members of the DBT that can be used in all forms of advertising.. social, print, web, etc.  We wanted the images to be playful and fun.  One of the things Coppafeel is amazing at is making boob health a non-scary issue.  Do it often and when you discover something odd, you will hopefully have caught it early enough… so start checking your boobs regularly!


Onto the images.  As I mentioned above, the point of this shoot was to create a campaign of fun images promoting the DBT and the new members.  Everything was shot at a studio in London and everything was shot on a blue background.  My job was to light everything well and get as much fun and silliness as possible.  I think you will see that we had a lot of fun during the shoot.


The Images:


Girl Gains:  Follow them on Instagram here.








Anna Newton – Follow her on Instagram here

Lilly Pebbles – Follow her on YouTube here









Scola Dondo – Follow her on Instagram here








Wrap Up:


So there you have it.  The Digital Boob Team campaign shot for Coppafeel.  There is actually another person to add to this, but I haven’t gone through the images for her yet to choose what I want on here.  You will have to wait for that.  😀


Things to do now:


Check you boobs!  Whether you are male or female, regularly checking of your boobs will give you best chance to detecting something before it’s too late… and yes, men do get breast cancer as well!

Check out Coppafeel and sign up for monthly boob check reminders!

Follow the Digital Boob Team members on their social media channels!

Girl Gains:  Follow them on Instagram here.

Anna Newton – Follow her on Instagram here

Lilly Pebbles – Follow her on YouTube here

Scola Dondo – Follow her on Instagram here