The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman | Part 3

If you have read parts 1 and 2 of this series, you will have a good idea of what this is all about.  If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 yet, I highly recommend that you head over here and check them out.


Now that you are caught up, let’s move on to the latest installment of The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman.  These are all characters and events that have happened during the times that I play Lego with my son…and this is nearly everyday, so there will always be images to add to this.


First, let’s meet a newer character.


The Scientist




The Scientist is generally responsible for most of the things that Alex gets up to.  He uses Alex as his guinea pig for his latest potions and inventions.  He is the one that gave Alex rocket shoes, and also the one that turned Alex into a snake.  He means well, but he is never really sure how well his potions and inventions are going to work.  He talks like Gru from Despicable Me.


Rock to the Tock




Of course Alex has a band, and they are the greatest thing to ever come out of Lego City… Rock to the Tock.  Thor the Policeman is their biggest fan and is quick to tell everyone that as well.  Thor does have a bad habit of fainting everytime he sees Rock to the Tock perform though, and therefore he usually misses the vast majority of their shows.


Alex Recruits a Penguin Army




One day Alex noticed that there was a LOT of penguins suddenly in Lego City (this was due to us getting a penguin in FIVE consecutive packs of mini figures) and he decided to make use of their speed and small size and recruit them for the Lego City Police Department.  He didn’t notice though that one of the “penguins” seemed a little too friendly with the other penguins.


Disco Stu’s Baked Goods





Disco Stu has long created the best baked goods in Lego City.  Everyone loves Disco Stu’s baked goods.  But no one loves them quite as much as Thor the Policeman.  Alex, always up for a bit of trolling, knows this and gets great pleasure in buying the last of Disco Stu’s baked goods before Thor gets a chance to buy any after a long day of catching bad guys.


Miss Lady’s Milk Bath Photoshoot




Miss Lady has always wanted to be a model.  Darius has always wanted to be a photographer.  They decided to get together and shoot a modeling portfolio for Miss Lady.  Darius had heard of the latest trend in photography, something called a “milk bath”, and decided that this was what they needed to do for Miss Lady’s portfolio.


Thor Gets a New Police Car




Lego city doesn’t have the best record when it comes to keeping their vehicles intact.  This time though, Thor is determined to keep his new car in one piece.  He was given the old post delivery car and is over the moon with it’s speed and performance and feels it will be a valuable asset to the Lego City Police Department.



So there you have Part 3 of The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman.  There will always be more of these to come…as I said, this is something my son and I do nearly everyday.  So keep an eye out for more.


What character of situation so far is your favourite?  Leave it in the comments below.