Stop Motion Animation | Rice Dream Smoothie

Stop Motion Animation


I was recently asked by Dream to create a stop motion on making a smoothie with Rice Dream for their social media channels.  Social media content creation is something I absolutely love doing and the brief for this project was simple.  Create a 30 second stop motion that shows the process of making a smoothie with Rice Dream.  Dream provided the recipe for the smoothie as well as mood boards for the stop motion and off we went.  The results of the stop motion is below.



Creating the stop motion itself was rather simple.  A stop motion is a series of photographs, so once I had the lighting and composition sorted there was just a lot of math to do!  I shot this at 12 frames per second and broke the stop motion down into 10, 3 seconds phases.  This allowed me to accurately calculate how long, and how many shots, it would take for each movement.


Hope you enjoyed that short stop motion animation.  If your business needs unique content creation and would like to discuss a stop motion, please get in touch or give me a call on +44(0)7791 109049 and we will make it happen.