Coffee | Personal Project Stock Photography


Bright, Clean Stock Photography – Coffee


This year I have made a very conscious decision to shoot a LOT more personal projects.  This is not only to push my creativity, but it’s also to define my style within my portfolio a lot more.  Styles change, and my style has most certainly changed a lot over the years… but you might not know that by looking at my portfolio.  So, I am made the decision to shoot something for myself every week (I might not do every week because of business, but you get the idea).


Though I am known for my portrait photography, I do love shooting still life images.  Not only does shooting a still life image give me complete control over the elements, but it also gives me the opportunity to push myself into things I don’t normally do.  This serves two purposes… it gives me something totally different for the portfolio, but it also gives me new skills and experience that can be translated over to portraiture.


So, last week I shot some coffee.  If you have seen any of my Lego project “The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman” you will know that I have become a big fan of bright colours and minimalism in my images.  I took that to my coffee images and I think it turned out quite good.


The Images:


















As you can see I definitely incorporated my new found love of bright colours and minimalism.  I wanted the coffee to do all the talking in these images, and for their not to be anything else in the images.  These should make for some good stock photos for an agency I shoot for, and hopefully we will be seeing them in some advertising campaigns soon.  😀