DJ Promotional Portraits

PR and Promotional Portrait Photography for a DJ


I have been doing promotional and PR portraiture for musicians for a few years.  I get just as excited for one now as I did when I first started.  Every shoot is different and the artists always want something that fits their look and sound.  DJ Bobby Freeman was no exception.  He came to me looking for something minimalistic, but different and wanted to keep it studio based.


I hired out a studio in North London and off we went.  A quick chat with Bobby and we decided on a red background as it was different and would also convert to black and white quite easily.


I have started using an external retoucher for my shoots now, and for this shoot he returned to me two different edits of the “main” images from the shoot.  Both edits are below.  Enjoy!



The Images:













I love both versions and couldn’t tell you which one I like best.  Which version do you like best?