The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman: Meet the Characters

The Adventures of Alex and Thor the Policeman:  A Lego photography personal project


My son is 7 (at the time of writing this) and ever since he was about 4 or 5 we have had an ongoing story with lego minifigures.  It’s indepth with the characters having deep storylines and characteristics.  This is something we play nearly everyday with an evolving story line that grows and adapts as my son grows and adapts.


When I was thinking of something new to photograph as a personal project, this was the first thing that popped into my head.  Document the characters and some of the events that have happened, not only for myself, but also for my son.  This will give him unique and highly personal images to hang on his wall, and give him something to remember when he is too old to play lego with me anymore (no one is too old to play lego!)


This post is text heavy, but first all of the portraits.  I started with simple portraits of all the different characters.  I wanted to create portraits as if I was photographing a real person and wanted to create something that showed their personality in the most simple way possible.  Below are those portraits of all the (current) characters.  After that, I will explain a little about each character.


The Characters:




Thor the Policeman


Miss Taganashi
Miss Taganashi


Uncle Bob








Disco Stu


Dr Mrs Treyaraus




Miss Lady


Mr Chubby Paws





The Story Behind the Characters:



The main man.  This is my son’s main character and he is constantly changing and evolving.  This image is of his most common appearance.  Alex is awesome at everything.  He assists Thor with the policing of Lego City, but still has a lot to learn about policing.  Alex thinks of himself as a god, like Thor, but Thor has to constantly remind Alex that he is not a god.  Alex is a superhero though, he got his powers after a battle with Thor’s brother Loki on a volcano.  Alex has died multiple times, but always brought back to life by Dr Mrs Treyaraus.


Thor the Policeman:

My main character, though I do the voice(s) for nearly every other character in the story.  Thor the Policeman is based upon Thor from Marvel, but modified.  Thor the Policeman is Alex’s best friend.  He isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but is a very good policeman and firmly believes in rehabilitate and educate and is not a fan of Alex’s “guns blazing” approach to policing.  Though Thor is a very good policeman, he is bumbling and is constantly getting himself into trouble or making situations a little worse than they were.  Thor is not a fan of robotics and thinks that all robots will eventually turned evil.  Thor has a very high pitched, slightly raspy voice and is married to Miss Taganashi.


Miss Taganashi:

Thot the Policeman’s wife and partner.  She likes to assist with the policing of Lego city, and is often having to secretly put out fires that Thor has caused.  She is very angry at the world as her parents were thrown into The Forbidden Kingdom when she was a child and her main goal in life is to find the person that put them there and get them back.  She is an expert in martial arts.


Uncle Bob:

Uncle Bob is Thor the Policeman’s Uncle.  He is a local farmer and breakdancing champion and master of puns and jokes.  Uncle Bob lost his hand whilst trying to ride his “bull” Bessy.  He also likes to assist the Lego City police department, but doesn’t add much to situations other than comedic commentary.  Talks like Mater from Cars.


Brock Ronson:

Brock Ronson is everything “American”.  He is a volcano explorer and all around badass.  There isn’t anything he isn’t good at, and Alex idolises him.  Talk like every American action movie voice over guy ever.



Caveman is an early incarnation of Alex that has stuck around and is now simply referred to as Caveman.  He is Alex, but a clone of Alex.  He is the coolest caveman to every walk the earth, though he doesn’t understand modern technology, is afraid of cars, and is constantly wanting to eat Mr Chubby Paws.



Darius is a former auto mechanic turned police dispatcher.  Darius got the job because Thor the Policeman was impressed with Darius’ ability to turn anything into a rap.  Now Darius adds interest and excitement into mundane police call outs.  He also works on the police department vehicles making them into super cars.  Darius talks as if he lives in North London and will constantly spit bars at any given opportunity.


Disco Stu:

Disco Stu is the master of disco and still think’s it the 70’s.  Disco Stu is also the town baker and runs the best bakery in the world.  Disco Stu is non-binary and loves life and living life to it’s fullest.  Disco Stu is one of Thor the Policeman’s oldest friends and was responsible for introducing Alex to Thor.  Talks a bit like Shaft.


Dr Mrs Treyaraus:

Dr Mrs Treyaruas is the Lego City doctor and has a huge, slightly obsessive, crush on Alex.  Sadly for her, Alex is happily married to Miss Lady.  She will drop everything to help Alex should he need it and has brought Alex back from the dead on multiple occasions.



Maui is the son of Alex and Miss Lady.  Maui is currently 7, though his age changes depending on what is happening in the story.  He aspires to be a superhero like his dad and has already been on many missions with the police department.


Miss Lady:

Alex’s wife and aspiring model.  Miss Lady is quiet and reserved.  She likes to cook and sit by the fire and is not a fan of how much Alex puts himself in danger.  She is also completely oblivious to Dr Mrs Treyaraus’ crush on Alex… she just thinks she is a very nice lady.  Miss Lady is always up for having a get together with the town so that she can cook a large feast.


Mr Chubby Paws:

Mr Chubby Paws is Thor the Policemans cat and long time companion.  Like all cats, he has 9 lives, and has only used one of those lives to date.  He is an one of the best policemen on the force, though lately he has been caught breaking into the town aquarium trying to steal fish.  He talks like a 1920’s New York gangster see.



Neptune is a recent addition to the story, but is one of Thor’s oldest friends.  He spends most of his time trying to teach Alex the nuances of being a superhero.  Despite Thor’s protests, Neptune thinks that Alex would make a good god and is formulating a plan to make him one.  Talks like Charles Barkley.