Personal Project: Pasta Heads

Iconic Hairstyles, Recreated with Pasta


This is actually an older project of mine, but one that I have dragged out from the vaults and given a fresh edit.  The project was extremely ambitious, and awesome, but the editing that I had done back then left a lot to be desired.  I was looking through them a couple of weeks ago and realised that the images themselves, were fabulous.  Great styling, great lighting…there was definitely something here.  They just needed a new edit.


New, fresh edit and Pasta Heads is back…and awesome.  The wigs are all homemade by my amazing wife Rebecca.  We then did two shoots with 3 models on each shoot.  I wanted to keep the images mostly looking the same, just with different hairstyles and models.  We made quite the mess shooting these, and the cat loved the tune shot!


Below are the Pasta Heads images.


The Images:




Here we have a Mac N Cheese Afro.  Ok, so it’s not technically “Mac” and cheese, but Mac N Cheese is more of broad terms for pasta with cheese sauce.  I added some hotdogs as when I was growing up in Chicago you always put hot dogs in your Mac N Cheese.  Of all the Pasta Heads photos, I have always loved this one the most.  Everything from the lighting, the dripping cheese, and her expression make it an awesome photo.




The classic Audrey Hepburn beehive, with pasta and meatballs.  When we were writing down our ideas of hairstyle, we also decided what pasta dish would go best with eat.  Meatballs was the obvious choice for the Audrey Hepburn hairstyle.  It just works and adds a little “something” to the hairstyle.




A classic Jane Austin hairstyle, with a classic Italian pasta salad.  The freshness of the mozzarella and salami was a perfect fit the for Jane Austin.  Throw in the bread stick and viola!  😀





Victory Rolls with stuffed cannelloni.  One of my personal favourite pasta dishes with one of my favourite hairstyles.  Of all the Pasta Heads images I shot, this was the most difficult for everyone involved.  It took my wife a long time to make this wig, and we had to add the “hair” on the shoulder after the wig was on.  This also meant that the model didn’t have a lot of room to move around.  We had to work quick and efficiently to make sure we got the shot before the hair started falling apart!




Princess Leia with mushrooms and rosemary and a creamy tomato sauce.  Big, chunky mushrooms were needed for this Pasta Heads.  I felt that they added a little volume to an otherwise flat hairstyle… that and mushrooms make everything better.  Fact.  😀




And finally we have a tuna nicoise bob.  The classic bob, with tuna, egg, and olives.  My cat appeared out of absolutely nowhere when we were shooting this Pasta Heads image.  The smell of tuna was strong!


Why Pasta Heads?

I created this series as I wanted to created something a little absurd and different for advertising portraiture.  Advertising and Editorial portraits are what I do, but I wanted to create something that would literally make people stop and wonder what the hell is going on.  I think I have done that with Pasta Heads…. now to send them off to different pasta companies!



Pasta Heads was an extremely fun and awesome project to shoot.  It used all of my creativity and vision and is a great representation of how my mind works as a photographer.  I like quirky.  I like colours.  I like impact.  Pasta Heads ticks all of those boxes for me, and shows my skills in lighting and posing as well.  If you are a business or an advertising agency and want to create something awesome with me, let’s talk!


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