Rachunek book cover by George Fairbairn Photographer Portrait Selfie

Book Cover | Rachunek | Jonas Karlsson

Self portrait for book cover


So my beautiful mug is the cover of Rachunek by Jonas Karlsson.  This is both amazing, and a little surreal.  It’s surreal because if you go on instagram and search #rachunek you will be inundated with pictures of my face having tea and coffee with a wide variety of people.  What’s even weirder, for me, is that in some instances people are putting the book over their face… so in essence they are covering their face with my face… and that’s strange to me.


When I first shot this image a couple of years ago, it instantly led to some awesome work.  Schwartzkopf hired me to be a selfie expert at a PR event they were holding and I was asked to create similar images for various bands and musicians as well.  I took the photo purely for myself at the time as I wanted something moody of myself…which is quite the opposite of what I am.   But, after much hoopla and success from the image I decided I might as well put it on my Arcangel account for sale.  It was pretty instantly picked up to be the cover of Rachunek by Jonas Karlson.


The Book Cover:




The book sounds incredibly interesting as well.  I have ordered a copy of Rachunek, which I won’t be able to read as I don’t speak Polish.  But the English language version is called The Invoice and I shall be picking that up to give it a read.


Has anyone read Rachunek or The Invoice?  If so, let me know what you think!