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Anne Godfrey for TS Review


TS Review is a quarterly magazine for the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and they asked me to photograph the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Anne Godfrey, for one of the issues.


We met Anne at the CIEH offices in London on a cold and rainy day just before Christmas.  I had actually met Anne once before when she was the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  At that time, my wife was graduating from the CIM and I met Anne at the graduation ceremony.  When I was photographing her in the her role at the CIEH, she had only been in the job for a few months.  But, she has big plans  and it was an incredibly interesting interview to sit in on.


For the portraits of Anne, we had to try and find a diamond in the rough (so to speak) with the location.  The offices of the CIEH are incredibly busy and packed with desks and people.  We needed to find somewhere that not only looked good, but was also not very busy.  We didn’t want the standard “sitting at a desk” shot, so this shoot tested my location scouting abilities to find something suitable.


After walking around the offices for a few minutes I found the two places that I wanted to use.  One was just a plain white wall in a quiet hallway.  But, there was a nice chair and I could picture the finished images in my head…it was perfect.  Besides that, I found a very nice wall next to the lifts on a reasonably quiet floor.  It was also perfect as it would give us a background that had a little bit of interest and we were not going to be in anybody’s way.  Off we went!


The Images:

Below are a few of the portraits that I shot of Anne in both locations.  All in all I had about 25 minutes in total for the portraits.  This meant I had to work quickly in order to move locations.  Anne was brilliant to photograph and completely at ease in front of the camera.


















All in all this was a great shoot to end 2016 with.  Anne Godfrey was an absolute pleasure to photograph and it was one of the most interesting interviews I have ever sat in on.  I also loved the challenge of finding suitable locations and making the most out of otherwise un-interesting locations.  I don’t think you would ever guess that wall was next to some lifts!


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