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Band Promo Photography for Upbeat Sneakers… Food Fight


Yes, you read that right.  A food fight.  It was as awesome, and as messy, as it sounds!


I seem to be in Wales a lot over the last year or so, and this was another one of those instances.  This time I was in a place that I can’t pronounce, or at least pronounce correctly.  That’s most of Wales actually, so that’s not very helpful really.  I was in Merthyr Tydfil at a youth centre that was kind enough to allow us to make a mess for this shoot, and make a mess we did.


The idea for this shoot was the result of a collaboration between myself and the band.  The band had seen some of my more creative band promo work and knew they wanted something different and unique.  Having listened to their music and realising that they were a fun ska band, I knew it had to be something fun and possibly funny.  After bouncing a few ideas back and forth, we eventually settled on the food fight idea.  With 7 members in the band, this was an idea that we all knew was going to be epic.


The Shoot:


The main food fight image was shot a little different than how I shoot most bands.  Because there was going to be 7 people, I wanted to make sure that we could get a lot of different things happening in the photo for people to look at and notice.  In order to do this, we needed to break the image down into chunks and focus on those chunks individually.  This meant that we shot the image in 3 shots as opposed to one.  This allowed us to ensure that everyone was perfect and then I put it all together in Photoshop afterwards.  Below is the result of that first image.




As you can see in the above photo, there are three “scenes” going on in the photo.  It was easy to shoot and a lot of fun for the band as the ones not being photographed at the time, could sit back and enjoy the show!


Once we were done with that, we had to get some shots of the band whilst they were covered in food.  We did two shots here, one in an ironic “serious” pose, and then one that fit the seen a little more.






THEN, we decided that whilst everyone was a mess, and the youth centre was still happy with us, we might as well do some individual shots as well!

















As you can see, everyone had an absolutely amazing time on this shoot.


There will be a video on the creation of the first image over on the Be More George site soon.



The Selfie:


As always, I try to take a selfie with whomever it is that I am photographing, and this one was a MUST.






If you are in a band or are a musician and want some awesome promo photos… hit me up and let’s make it awesome.