The Drummers of Punk | Rhythm Magazine | Issue 262

The Drummers of Punk for Rhythm Magazine Issue 262


It was a warm summers day that I found myself at The British and Irish Institute of Music in London to photograph three punk drumming legends for Rhythm Magazine.  I was there with the guys from Natal drums to take some portraits of Budgie (Souxsie and the Banshees), Steve Gantley (Stiff Little Fingers), and Danny Farrant (Buzzcocks) for a punk drummers feature in Rhythm Magazine.


With punk being one of my absolutely favourite genre’s of music, this was a shoot I had been looking forward to since I had found out about it.  Even better was that I was going to be listening in on the interview and taking some photos during the interview.  The interview was one of the most fun and fascinating interviews that I have ever had the opportunity of sitting in on.  The guys shared everything from technique through to hiding their Led Zepplin records from their punk friends as it was deemed “uncool”.  Everything about the interview was something I could relate to when I was growing up, and it was amazing to hear these stories from drumming legends.  It was truly awesome to just be able to listen to three musical legends just talk for a few hours.  There was no format to the roundtable…we just put them together in a room, gave them some tea and biscuits and let everything happen organically…and happen it did!


The nice thing about being a part of the interview was that the guys were already more than used to me when it came to doing some portraits of them.  This allowed me to get some genuine personality out of them for the feature and it really shows in the photos.


I photographed everyone together against a blue wall, then individually against the same wall.  This was to give the magazine different options for using the images in the feature.  Once we were done with that, I got them to bash on the drums for a bit and I took some photos of that and we were done!


The Tear Sheets:


Below are the tear sheets as they appeared in Rhythm Magazine Issue 262










The Images:


Below are a few of my personal favourite images from the shoot.  The opening spread that Rhythm Magazine used for the feature was something they had put together from individual shots of the guys.  I put them together in a slightly different way, as you will see below.














The Selfie:


As always, I try to take a selfie with everyone that I photograph.  I had to stretch my arm as far as it would go for this one!




The Roundup:


This was one of the coolest shoots I have had with Rhythm Magazine.  It was awesome listening to three punk legends just talk for a few hours.  Awesome!


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