Ellis | Promotional Portraits

Promotional Portraits for Producer Ellis


This blog post is way overdue.  It was back in July 2016 that I did this shoot!  But, I am finally getting around to blogging this shoot.


I am often driving all over the UK for shoots.  I have gone down to Devon, and up towards Scotland, and Birmingham has seen me more than most (besides London).  It was Birmingham I was heading to for this shoot, and it was absolutely heaving it down most of the way there.  Literally from the moment I left my house till I was about 30 minutes away from Ellis’ studio, it was raining.  All I could think about during this time was that I hoped his studio was big enough for our shoot as it was looking like everything was going to be done indoors.


But then, when I was about 30 minutes from my destination, it stopped raining.  The clouds started breaking, and I was feeling much more optimistic about the shoot.  The reason was that Ellis had specifically mentioned having some portraits done outside, and that wasn’t going to be possible had it kept raining.   Thankfully, the rain stopped long enough for us to get some awesome shots outside!  It also looked like the rain had completely missed my destination as the ground was not wet at all!  It did start up again, and made my 2 hour drive home another wet one!


Below are some of my favourite images from the shoot.  Enjoy!


The Images:














The Wrap Up:


All in all this was a super easy and awesome shoot.  Ellis was cool and relaxed and easy to photograph.  We did a few shots outside, but I had also brought with me a grey background, so we did some standard studio shots as well.  Ellis ended up with a good range of images to use for his promotion!


If you are a band, musician, dj, or producer and want some awesome promotional portraits of you own, hit me up!



Be sure to check Ellis out as well… he’s pretty awesome!