British Drum Company | Corporate Portraits | London Drum Show

Corporate Portraits and The London Drum Show for The British Drum Co.


I had met and worked with The British Drum Company when I photographed Kasabian drummer, and British Drum Co partner, Ian Matthews in 2016.  That shoot was absolutely amazing, and it gave me the opportunity to meet with two of the founding partners in Ian and Keith.  We talked a lot during the day about working together in the future as I absolutely loved their drums and they loved working with me.


Fast forward a couple of months, and the British Drum Co asked me to come along to The London Drum Show with them.  My purpose here was three fold.  I was going to capture images of the staff at the show interacting with the public.  I was then going to take some photos of Ian drumming during his masterclass, and finally I was going to get some portraits of the staff whilst we had everyone together in one place.


Needless to say, with so much to do on the day, the day absolutely flew by.  I was constantly moving and doing what I loved…taking photos, and lots of photos.  I love when I get the opportunity to take documentary photos, and it’s not something I do very often.  Obviously, I love portraits and photos of drummers playing and it all made the day amazing.


The Images:


First let’s look at the portraits that I took of the staff of The British Drum Co.  We found an area that wasn’t full of vendors or people and gathered everyone together for their headshots.  I also did one team photo.  The team at British Drum Co is amazing and they have specialists for nearly every aspect of drumming.  They also have their CEO Keith that founded the company with Ian Matthews and Al Murray.  The rest of the team consists of their marching director Stu Warmington, and Engineering Design Director Alan Kitching.















Besides taking amazing portraits for the team at The British Drum Co, I also took some photos of Ian Matthews whilst he did some drumming during his masterclass.  Situations like this are always challenging as I had to use whatever light there was available for me.  But, I think I handled that well and got some great photos for The British Drum Co to use.








I also did some photos of the drum while I was there.








And then of course I spent the majority of the day taking photos of the team at The British Drum Co interacting with their customers, partners, and potential customers.  This was really awesome to see, and being a Cambridge United fan, it was amazing to meet Dion Dublin on the day as well!












All in all this was a great day.  I got to spend the day working with some tremendously awesome people and I got some great photos as well.  The British Drum Co, in my opinion, are going to be taking the drumming world by storm.  So, if you haven’t heard of them yet, you definitely will.  Be sure to check them out.


The Selfie:


Sadly because everyone had to get back to manning the stand, I didn’t get a massive group selfie.  I will have to do that next time I am with the guys at The British Drum Co.  But, I did managed to grab a selfie with Al Murray.