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J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) Rig Tour with Total Guitar Magazine


There are things in your life that you never think would happen, and this is one of those moments.  When I was young, I was a guitar player and in my fair share of different bands.  Dinosaur Jr, and particularly J Mascis, was my main inspiration for my guitar playing.  Besides being my absolute favourite band, J’s guitar playing was out of this world and was what pushed me to become a better guitar player.  At that time, I did actually want to be a photographer.  I didn’t think music was something I would ever do as a job (and I was correct), but I did want to become a photographer.  That dream though went massively on the back burner when I decided to join the US Air Force…and if you had told me back then that one day I would be taking portraits of my idol, I would have told you you were insane.


Fast forward 20 or so years and there I was at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town watching Dinosaur Jr soundcheck.  I was setting up my lights, waiting for soundcheck to finish so that I could have my 5 minutes with J to take a few portraits of him when they were done.  When I am on a shoot, nothing else enters my brain besides my objective to photograph what I want to photograph.  Who it is, doesn’t matter, and even though I was getting to take editorial portraits of J Mascis, at the time it was just another portrait shoot.


Before the shoot though, that’s another story.  I was taking everything in as I watched Dinosaur Jr soundcheck.  This was something I never would have thought would happen, and it was amazing.  I had scoped out a few different locations I wanted to try and use for the portraits and when J was ready I talked with him about the different options.  Having only 5 minutes though, we opted to just photograph J in front of his massive wall of Marshall full stacks.  It was quick, it was easy, and it was over before I knew it!


Once I was done doing the portraits of J, I had a lot more time to photograph the different gear that he has with him… and it’s a lot of gear!  This was for a Rig Tour feature in Total Guitar, so photos of the gear is essential for the article.  I think I photographed 5 different guitars and then a MASSIVE pedal board.  I grabbed my selfie with J and the shoot was over… but one that has to be the highlight of my career as a photographer.


The Tear Sheets:


Below are the tear sheets from Total Guitar.






The Images:


I didn’t take a lot of photos (I only had 5 minutes), but here are some of my favourites from my shoot with J Mascis.












It was short, but it was oh so sweet!  Getting to photograph my idol was amazing, but again, at the time I was just taking portraits of another person.  Afterwards though, I was definitely gleeful!  😀


I only had 5 minutes to get my portraits, and I had to work extremely quick in a very limited space.  But, the magazine loved the shots in front of the amps, and all the gear shots turned out amazing as well.  All in all a great shoot!


The Selfie:


As always, I try to get a selfie with whoever it is that I am photographing.  I HAD to get one with J, and here it is.