Bowling For Soup | Acoustic Magazine | Issue 127

Bowling for Soup for Acoustic Magazine


Bowling for Soup…one of the iconic bands from my slightly younger days.  There are many, many, many reasons why they will always hold a special place in my heart that I won’t go into here.  But, it’s probably obvious that getting the chance to do editorial portraits of Bowling for Soup is going to go down as one of the coolest shoots I have ever done.


The day that I was commissioned to take portraits of Bowling for Soup was an odd, but ultimately awesome day.  The poor guys in the band were very late due to some technical faults with their flight from Texas… yes, they were coming straight from Texas, to Heathrow, and then straight to our location for the interview and the shoot.  Their flight ended up being delayed for nearly 3 hours, and all 3 of those hours were spent with the guys in the plane sitting on the taxiway… not a great start to their already very long day!


But, when they arrived they were pumped up and ready to go and an absolutely joy to photograph!


The venue we were shooting at was amazing… except that every single wall was mirrors from halfway up.  This is not ideal for trying to take portraits in.  Not only would I have to worry about my lighting bouncing all over the place, but I would also have to worry about errant reflections of me and other people.  When I saw this, I instantly dismissed the interior as a shooting location.  So, I went out back and found an area that I thought would work well with the feature.


The feature was unique in that it was for Acoustic Magazine.  Acoustic Magazine generally only feature prominently acoustic musicians…and Bowling for Soup are not primarily acoustic musicians.  The reason that they were featuring them was that they were doing (and have done) acoustic tours and this is what Acoustic Magazine was looking for.  My thinking was that since this was going to be a typically out of place feature, let’s do the shoot in an equally out of place location.  A quick talk with the editor about my idea (to make sure they were going to be happy with it) and it was settled…. shooting out back amongst the dumpsters was go.  So that’s exactly what we did!  The guys were more than up for it and had a blast during the shoot, and I think that shows in the resulting photos…that you can see below with some tear sheets as well.


The Tear Sheets:





The Images:


A lot of awesome images were taken during this shoot, but here is a selection of my favourite ones.




















The Selfie:


As always, I try to take a selfie at the end of every shoot, and Bowling for Soup were more than up for it!






This was one of the most fun editorial shoots I have ever done.  It was made even better by getting to hear them make up a song on the spot for a Kerrang TV spot they filmed afterwards.  The guys were absolutely amazing, especially considering they were coming to me after what was a VERY long day for them… but you would never have know, they were simply brilliant!