Tim Commerford (Rage Against the Machine and Wakrat) | Rhythm Magazine | Issue 261

Timmy C of Rage Against the Machine and Wakrat for Rhythm Magazine


You might remember a blog post a few weeks ago about my awesome shoot with Mathias Wakrat of Wakrat… if you haven’t read it, you should.


Wakrat is a new band from Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford.  You would know from the amazing bass lines in Rage Against the Machine, that anything Timmy C is going to play bass on is going to be epic.  The best way to explain Wakrat’s music is to take Rage Against the Machine bass lines, throw in some punk guitar and jazzy drums… and that’s what you get.  They are intense, punk as hell and musically amazing.


I was at the Black Heart in Camden to take some photos for Rhythm Magazine.  They were running a feature on Wakrat drummer Mathias Wakrat, but had also asked me to try and get some photos of Timmy C and Timmy C with Mathias if possible.  Due to timings on the day (sound check went long and then Wakrat had a PR stunt in Parliament Square) I wasn’t able to get the two of them together.  I was able to grab 2 minutes with Timmy C though for a couple of quick portraits of him and his bass.


The Images:


I didn’t take a lot of photos of Timmy C… 6 in total actually.  But I loved them all and here are my favourites from the shoot.












Timmy C was awesome to photograph, especially in such rushed conditions.  I had to grab him literally as he came off stage from soundcheck before they headed off to their PR stunt.  He was super friendly and accommodating and I think we got some great photos as a result.


The Selfie:


As always, I try to get a selfie with everyone that I photograph and Timmy C was no exception.  He was even more amazing as I told him I always make this face when I do my selfies and he said he would make a silly face as well.  😀






All in all this shoot was one of the coolest, if not craziest, shoots I have done.  Be sure to read the Wakrat post for more about this day… it was a little insane.


If you are a band or a musician in need of awesome photos… you know what to do!