Florence Black | Band Advertising for Elinchrom and The Photographers Academy

Band Advertising for Elinchrom and The Photographers Academy


I remember when I was talking through my ideas for this shoot, the guys at The Photographers Academy thinking I was a little insane.  I was going to The Photographer Academy to photograph the band Florence Black for two reasons.  One was to create a short video for the The Photographers Academy website and the other was to create a short video for Elinchrom.  Each portion of the day required two different types of shoots.


For The Photographers Academy we were going to focus on photographing a band out on location.  This was to serve two purposes.  One was to show how to work out on location whilst showing the Elinchrom Quadra’s in use, and the other was to look at how I pose and light a band out on location.  Me being me, I wanted to make it as interesting (and as difficult) as possible.  I figured there wasn’t much point in photographing Florence Black in a cliche band setting… I wanted to make it different.  So, I told the guys I wanted to take the band into the sea and do the shoot in the sea.  Why?  It’s a shot I always wanted to do, and I thought it would present a good challenge for me as well as making for good video!


For Elinchrom, we were going to focus purely on photographing a band in a studio environment.  Obviously with me being me, I wanted to try and make this a little different as well.  So I gelled the back lights and try to put a little something different on it.


The guys in Florence Black were absolutely amazing to work with as well.  They had a long day with me as we had to slow everything down so that I could talk to the camera as well as ensure the video guys were getting the shots that they needed.  But, they were amazing and flawless and an absolutely joy to photograph.  Thanks again guys!


Quick Portfolio:

Every blog post from now on I will be creating a short, 1 minute long video that just highlights some of my favourite images from the shoot.  If you want to see the images that way, you can below.  But, be sure to go all the way down and see the Elinchrom video as well.  😀



The Images:


Below are some of my favourite shots from the day.  As I mentioned above, this is a mixture of shots in the sea and in the studio.  Well, actually it’s one shot in the sea and a load of shots in the studio.  😀  Enjoy.




















So there you have it.  It was a long, but very awesome day and I am really pleased with some of the images that I captured.


Elinchrom have released the video with me and all these images, and you can view it below.



If you are a band in need of awesome photos, be sure to get in touch and let’s make awesomeness!

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Be sure to check out all the amazing people involved with this.


The Photographers Academy


Florence Black