Urbanz Headphones | Fashion Advertising Photographer

Fashion and Advertising Photography for Urbanz Headphones


For the last few years, how many exactly I am not sure, I have done the advertising photography for Urbanz headphones.  Every year, we do something a little different than the year before.  This is down to both of us growing as businesses and growing in terms of style.  I have had a great relationship with Urbanz from the get go, and that relationship has only grown stronger every year and when it comes time for me to do their advertising photography, we both know that it’s going to be awesome.


This year we went with a more “normal” shoot than we had done in previous years.  Previously we had done bright and vibrant all that way though to matching muted colours throughout the styling.  This year though, Urbanz wanted images that were clean, but fun and full of personality and attitude.  The reason for this is that Urbanz wanted images that could easily be placed into different edits and campaigns and not be tied down by the background and background colours.


With this in mind, we hired a studio for the day and shot everything on a white background.  It was then my job to give the images more life and attitude.  This was accomplished by the lighting I chose to use for the shoot and then getting the models comfortable and giving them good direction.  We went through a range of different models and colours as well as accessories for the shoot.  The end result was a good, wide range of images for each model and each colour.  Couple that with 4 models on the day, and Urbanz will have a great range of images for their advertising campaigns.  We covered everything from a high fashion feel, through to sports advertising and main stream fashion advertising.


Within Europe, Urbanz is a huge company and anyone in Europe will more than likely see these images on POS displays in places like Tesco, but also on the packaging for the headphones as well.  So, if you happen to stumble upon Urbanz and see something, please show me!  😀


Below is a good selection of some of the images from the shoot.  If you are a business that needs awesome photography for your next advertising campaign, no matter how big or small, please get in touch and let’s make your next campaign awesome!


The Images:




















































So there you have it.  Quite a range of images!  But, there were so many good images, covering so many different models and styles, that I wanted to give you a good range of images to look at.  We covered everything from sports and workout headphones, through to headphones that are designed to make a fashion statement.  Covering all these different looks on the day required planning and knowledge of the product.  Having worked with Urbanz for years, I know exactly what they are looking for with their advertising imagery, and this helps me direct and pose the models to ensure that Urbanz are happy with the end results.


Now, I need to see some in use… might have to make a trip to a Tesco in Europe soon!  But, if you are in Europe and you see some, please do let me know.  Would love to see them in use!  😀


If you are a business that needs an awesome advertising photographer, please do get in touch and we will make your next advertising campaign awesome!