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Mathias Wakrat of Wakrat for Rhythm Magazine


If you haven’t already heard of Wakrat, you will soon…very soon.   Wakrat is a relatively new group with a punishing punk influence and amazing bass lines.  This is due to the fact that Wakrat is Rage Against the Machine’s bassist Tim Commerford’s brainchild.  They’ve been touring the US with Prophets of Rage, but I was fortunate to be able to photograph them at a small show in the UK, and it was amazing.

I was sent to photograph Mathias and Tim of Wakrat by Rhythm Magazine before a show in London, and it was a totally awesome and unique experience.  The show was part of a massive PR push by Wakrat to essentially announce them to the world.  Let me give you a rundown of the events…


I arrived at the Black Heart in Camden just as Wakrat were preparing for soundcheck.  For me, whenever I am photographing drummers, this is ideal as soundcheck is the perfect time to get the playing shots of the drummers I am photographing.  After introducing myself to everyone, and checking whether they would be ok with me doing the playing shots during soundcheck, I set my lighting up and off I went.  Photographing Mathias playing was something else.  I have photographed a lot of drummers playing in my time, but none played as hard and loud as Mathias.  It truly was a sight to behold…and my ears wished that I had brought my earplugs!!  But, the energy that Mathias plays with made for absolutely cracking photos.


Once soundcheck was over, Mathias went to change and I then grabbed Tim Commerford for a few portraits (blog post on those coming later).  I knew that Wakrat had a PR stunt planned for before the show so I knew my timings on everything were very limited.  I was hoping to get the portraits of Mathias done before this, but the bus had arrived and off they went.  Wakrat were heading to Parliament to stage a protest and announce the Republic of Wakrat, a sovereign nation located in Parliament Square.  My new plan was to take photos of his drum kit while they were gone and the portraits of Mathias when Makrat returned, and before the show.  However, after a beakdown and some issues with traffic, Wakrat didn’t get back to the Black Heart until 15 minutes before show time.  I had 15 minutes to setup my lighting (in a crowd of people) and get some portraits done…with a stage full of people still setting things up.  It was amazing… I love getting challenged, and this was one of my biggest challenges to date.  I still got some great shots and enjoys an absolutely amazing show.


Tear Sheets:


Below are the tear sheets from the shoot as they appeared in Rhythm Magazine








The Images:


Below are some of my favourite images of Mathias Wakrat from the shoot.













This was one of the coolest, and most challenging shoots I have ever done.  If you are a musician and need some kick ass photos, get in touch!


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