Hannah Peel | Electronic Sound Magazine | Issue 23

Hannah Peel for Electronic Sound Magazine


On a warm summer’s evening I found myself heading for a later than normal shoot in London.  This time it was for Electronic Sound magazine and it was to photograph the awesome Hannah Peel.  I had though, completely underestimated the walk to where I was meeting Hannah from Liverpool Street station.  It was warm, and I had walked a lot further than I was anticipating…so it was a good thing I was very early so that I could sit down for a bit!


But, if you know me, I can’t just sit down for a bit.  I need to move.  So I started scouting the area for places that would work for what I had in mind for the shoot.  The nice thing with some shoots for Electronic Sound is that I am given a bit of free reign with the shoots.  Having listened to Hannah’s music, I was heading into this shoot with a couple of specific ideas for what I wanted to create.  They all mostly involved long exposures and traffic.  Something you would think wouldn’t be a problem in central London…but finding somewhere with a lot of traffic, but also not busy was a little tricky.  I needed it to not be busy so that we weren’t holding people up with all my equipment.  Since I was planning on some long exposures I needed my tripod as well as my lighting, and I didn’t want all of this to be holding people up on the pavement as we did the shoot.


In the end, I found a nice, very wide, bit of pavement next to a road with a decent amount of traffic.  Once I had decided on the location, I headed back to Hannah’s studio to meet with her and her management to get started.  Since it was still the middle of summer, and even though we were meeting at 8pm, it was still too light outside to do the photos on the street.  So, we headed into Hannah’s studio and had a quick look around.  There was an amazing wood wall downstairs that I thought would work great for some shots as well.  We did a few photos there and then headed outside and did a few things on the street.


All in all the shoot was awesome and went great!  It took me a little experimenting with the long exposures to get the look that I wanted.  But, after playing around with things for awhile I got it and then it was smooth sailing from there.  I can’t thank Hannah enough for allowing me to experiment on the fly!


Below are the tear sheets as they appeared in Electronic Sound Magazine and then some of my favourite shots from the shoot.  Enjoy!


The Tear Sheets:










Some Images:
















I feel it’s important to point out that everything you see in the images above was done in camera.  Using long exposures with off camera flash opens up a world of creative awesomeness.  Black, or shadow areas, essentially cease to exist which allows for the background to show through giving the double exposure look.


As you can see, not everything was a long exposure.  We did some standard portraits as well, just in the dark and on the street.  😀


The Selfie:


As always, I try to take a selfie with everyone that I photograph and here is my selfie with Hannah.






This shoot saw me shooting with my Fuji X-T2 which was amazing for this shoot.  I did a few in camera double exposures using a long exposure of the traffic and then a single shot of Hannah.  The X-T2 gives you a preview of what the double exposure is going to look like (albeit without the addition of my lighting) and this helped me compose massively.  Using rear curtain flash with a long exposure on the X-T2 was a breeze as well and the results speak for themselves.  As always, I used my Elinchrom Quadra Ranger lighting.


Please leave any comments or questions below, and if you are a magazine looking for an awesome photographer be sure to get in touch.  Also, if you are a band or musician needing awesome photos, again be sure to get in touch.