Burnski | Future Music | Issue 310

Burnski for Future Music Magazine


A few months ago I found myself again in Leicester for a photoshoot.  This time instead of being at the King Power Stadium, I parked at the home of the Leicester Tigers as the producer I was photographing lives just down the road.  I was in Leicester this time to photograph the amazing producer Burnski.  If you haven’t heard Burnski, I definitely recommend you check him out.


Whenever I do a photoshoot for Future Music Magazine, there are always a few things that I need to be sure that I capture.  The magazine, besides the interviews, is very focused on the gear and the workspace that these DJ’s and producers work in.  So I need to ensure that I capture the workspace, the setup, and then the equipment itself..being sure to look out for anything different of unusual.  Whenever I am doing a photoshoot and the interview isn’t taking place at the same time, I ask if there is any specific pieces of equipment that they are going to talk about in the interview.  This allows me to make sure that I have photographs for the magazine of anything specific that they might talk about in the interview.


Typically, when the interview isn’t taking place at the same time, I have a chat with the artist for awhile and take photos of the workspace and equipment right then.  This works out well as they can point out different things and I then photograph it.  It also gives us time to talk and start building a bit of rapport before it’s time to take some portraits.  With Burnski, he had the most organised studio I have ever been in.  Everything was perfect.  I am not sure if he did that just for me, but after meeting him and getting to know him, I think he is just a very organised person and keeps his studio that way and that probably gives him the space he needs to create his awesome music.  He also had a nice piano upstairs that we took some shots at as well.


All in all it was a really cool, and reasonably quick shoot.  After the studio shots, we did a few portraits at the piano and then in the studio and then I was on my way!  I forgot to get a selfie though. 🙁


Anyways, here are the tear sheets as they appeared in Future Music Magazine and then a selection of shots from the shoot to follow.


The Tear Sheets:








Some Images:












The Roundup:


So that’s it!  It was a really fun, easy, and quick shoot!  Burnski was brilliant to work with, and his studio goes down as the cleanest and most organised studio I have photographed…and it was actually quite spacious for how much stuff was in there.  Be sure to check him out as well!




Everything was shot with my Fuji X-T2 camera and the 16-55 2.8 lens.  I have been using my longer lens a lot lately, but even though the studio was spacious, it wasn’t big enough for the longer lens. When I used lighting, it was one Elinchrom Quadra Ranger shot through a large octobox… and that’s it!


Till next time!  If you need awesome photos, you know what to do.  😀