Jamie Campbell Bower | Counterfeit | Kerrang Issue 1627

Jamie Campbell Bower for Kerrang!


So this post is way late…like a few months late, but I have finally gotten around to it.  The issue of Kerrang in which this awesome photo of Jamie Campbell Bower appears is from July!  I know, I know..what the hell?!  It kind of got a little lost in the stack of magazines that I needed to blog about, and I stumbled upon it this morning and decided that it needed to be blogged about.  So here you go!


If you don’t remember, I did a Fresh Blood shoot for Kerrang of Jamie Campbell Bower’s awesome band Counterfeit last year.  It was a super awesome shoot that took place on The Shad in London.  What was a little unique about that shoot was that it was shot on location, but the finished image of Counterfeit was a composite.  But, what it did give me was a lot of awesome on location images of the individual band members and the whole band as well..which has allowed the images to get used again in various posters and features such as this one.


That original shoot produced so many awesome images, that Kerrang have run a couple of different features on Counterfeit and Jamie Campbell Bower since, including this one.  This feature was a little Q&A with Jamie and was just one full page, but it’s one full page that looks awesome!


The Tear Sheet:


Below is the tear sheet as it appeared in Kerrang Issue 1627, which is from way back in July!!!




The Image:


Below is the image as it was shot (with minor editing).  As you can see, the image was shot a little wide.  This was for a couple of reasons.  One, this was a potential image for the final composite image that we did with the band Counterfeit.  Also, I knew that the individual shots had potential to be used in features like this one, or as Anatomy of a Rock Star features as well and those are usually full length shots.  With the high mega pixel count, shooting this wide allows Kerrang to crop in tighter to get the image to suit what they need, and when you shoot in tighter, going out isn’t an option… so I always provide a couple of wider shots as they give a lot of flexibility in their use.






With this shoot being last year, it was shot when I was still using my Nikon d800e and my 24-70mm 2.8 lens.  I used three lights on this shoot.  The two rim lights were Elinchrom Quadra Rangers, shot bare, and the key light was my Interfit Strobies 180 shot through a large octobox.