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Nail Art Photography for Hazel Dixon Nails


Nail art, it’s an amazing industry and one that I never envisioned myself being involved in… but it is something I am now heavily involved in.  If you aren’t aware of what nail art is, it’s the art of creating extraordinary, breathtaking nails.  Sometimes it’s as simple as salon nails, but taken up a few notches.  Other times it’s creating the most amazing nails you have ever seen.  It’s a tremendously interesting industry and one that I massively respect.  The amount of talent that is required to create some of the nail art I have seen is tremendous, never mind the creativity required to think of the designs!  It’s a truly fascinating industry and one that I feel very privileged to be a part of.


It all started in March 2015 when I did my first shoot for Hazel Dixon.  Hazel Dixon is one of the UK’s leading nail art technicians and she has won numerous awards for her creative and amazing designs.  Her designs range from the extreme through to simple and elegant.  Whatever Hazel creates, it’s amazing and she contacted me to help her by capturing awesome images of the nail art she creates.


For whatever reason, I have never blogged any of the shoots I have done with Hazel (with the exception of this one), but I am changing that now and this post is going to cover images from the three shoots I have done with Hazel up to this point.  These are my favourite images out of a few dozen from the three shoots we have done up to this point.  The amazing thing about working with Hazel is that she always has a plan.  We go into every shoot with around 6-7 nail art designs to photograph, and she always has a basic concept for each.  It’s then my job to take that basic concept and make it into an awesome image.  Everything takes place in a back room at her studio, but for me that’s completely fine!  I can, and do, work in any location and I still create awesomeness as you will see below.


So, without further ado… here are my favourites nail art images take so far.


The Images:


















The one thing that I had to learn quickly with nail art photography is that the nails need to take centre stage.  This means that I am posing hands in a way that I normally never would, but I have to make sure that the nails are visible, and lit correctly.  The lighting is key to the nails as it will quickly expose flaws in the nail artists skills.  For example, if the light highlight is running fully down the length of the nail, it must be perfectly straight.  If it is not, ie it has a “bump”, this exposes that the nail artist hasn’t done a great job creating the nail.  In essence, great photography helps nail artists tremendously as it not only gives them great visual representations of their work, but it also shows their skills as an artist and these images go on to be used in judging for various industry awards.




This is a little tricky as the images cover three shoots over a year and half.  For the first two shoots I would have been using my Nikon D800e and then the last shoot would be the Fuji X-T2.  All shoots used my Elinchrom Quadra rangers and for the last shoot I also incorporated a reflector (which I never do!).  All shoots also used at least two lights, one key and one highlight.


If you are a nail artist and need awesome photography for your business get in touch!!!



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Bernard Brinkworth
October 27, 2016 at 7:32 pm

your work is amazing