Glen Sobel | Alice Cooper | Rhythm Magazine Issue 259

Glen Sobel, Alice Cooper Drummer, For Rhythm Magazine


I have always been a fan of Alice Cooper, but for whatever reason he’s one of those acts that I have never seen live before.  This was about to change the night that I was asked to photograph his drummer Glen Sobel.  I was meeting Glen at the O2 in London before their set headlining the Stone Free Festival.  When I got the brief and information I was a wondering how it was going to work.  Typically when I photograph a band or musician before a show, it’s done during soundcheck or just after or before soundcheck.  This was different, it was a festival so there was going to be bands playing throughout the day.  I knew that this meant playing shots of Glen were more than likely going to be out of the question, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get kit shots either.


But, Glen cleared everything up!  I met him with the writer outside the O2 and we headed in.  We went to the Alice Cooper changing room and talked through the plans for the shoot.  There were a lot of room in the O2, and Glen’s kit was setup on some risers just behind the backdrop on stage…so I was going to be able to get some shots at the kit as well as getting some shots of the kit itself… winning!


First we did the interview and I took some shots in the room we used for the interview.  It was a totally cool, completely hidden room.  When I say completely hidden, I mean it was literally hidden!  It had a cool, hidden door that was inside another much smaller room.  You would never know it was there, unless you were in the know… and that was pretty cool.  The room we did these shots in was cool.. very modern looking and huge so I got quite a few good shots here.  Then we headed out to Glen’s kit to get some portraits at the kit.


Now this was interesting.  We were on stage, but behind the backdrop, while The Darkness were playing.  This was both awesome, and a little bit of a problem.  It made communication a little difficult as it was hard to hear over the music.  But, the lights from The Darkness set kept setting off my lighting.  In the end, I had to start timing my shots with the music.  I could tell when a light was going to come around and set off my lighting, so I turned it off, got in position, waited, turned on the lights and fired.  We repeated this process for the whole shoot at the kit!!


All in all the shoot went great, and Glen was an absolutely star to photograph.  Once the shoot was done and I packed up my gear I decided to stay for the show and actually see Alice Cooper live for the first time.   It was awesome!!


PS – keep an eye out for the absolutely random mannequin that appears in a photo.  😀


The Tear Sheets:


Below are the tear sheets from the article in Rhythm Magazine.








The Images:


And here are some of my personal favourite shots from the shoot.












The Selfie:


As always, I try to take a selfie at the end of every shoot and Glen was more than happy to take one with me!






This shoot I used my Fuji X-T2 camera and my 16-55 2.8 lens.  For lighting, everything was lit with 1 Elinchrom Quadra Ranger through a large octobox.