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Corporate Headshots and Lifestyle Photography


One of the ongoing projects that I have had this year has been to provide headshot and lifestyle photography for veterinary company Dick White Referrals.  Dick White Referrals are one of the largest referral veterinary clinics in the world.  They are the place where you send your pets when they need specialist care.  As a result they have a very large staff and throughout the year I head over to take corporate headshots of the staff as well as capturing lifestyle images of the services Dick White provide.  It’s always a fun and very interesting day.  As a lover of animals it’s a place that is bittersweet to visit.  On one hand I love seeing all the dogs and cats and seeing them become better and getting back into health again.  But, at the same time, it’s heartbreaking to see animals in pain or needing the care.  But, I also know they are in great hands and will be back to themselves in no time.


The vets and staff themselves are tremendous people and it’s understandably hard to get them for their headshots.  We try to organise a few days a year and “schedule” in certain members of staff at certain times.  Obviously sometimes more important things come up and we miss some people, but we do try and get their photo taken eventually.


For the corporate headshots, we have a pretty standard setup to ensure (that when we do eventually get everyone’s headshot) that they look the same and are uniform.  This is a simple grey background and a 2 light setup.  I then run through the same posing for each member of staff and take the same 4 shots for each person.  This gives Dick White uniformity as well as options for how they use the headshots.  Below are a few examples of the headshots that I provide for Dick White.


Corporate Headshots:










As you can see, we keep the corporate headshots simple and awesome.  Everyone gets the same lighting and the same posing.  I try to get a good smile out of each one to show them as friendly and inviting, which is crucial when the images will be used to promote a veterinary clinic!


Lifestyle Images:


Along with the headshots, I also try to get as many lifestyle images as I can on each visit.  This is never “planned” per se as we never know ahead of time what operations or procedures the staff will be doing.  When I arrive, we try to find out where we will be able to photograph during the day and I do my best to capture the lifestyle images as candidly as possible.  This gives a more “real life” feel to the images and make the images more useful and appealing when Dick White use the images.  The lifestyle images for Dick White get used on their website, but also on their brochures and other advertising media, so it’s imperative that I get great images!  Below, are some of my personal favourites taken this year.

















As you can see from the above, I take a variety of shots throughout the day.  It’s quite fascinating to see the different procedures and processes that Dick White go through in a day… but one day is never enough to capture everything!


If your business needs amazing corporate headshots or lifestyle photography to use in your advertising, be sure to get in touch!