Ged Lynch (Peter Gabriel) | Rhythm Magazine | Issue 258

Ged Lynch (Peter Gabriel) for Rhythm Magazine


I have photographed a lot of drummers over the last couple of years, but no drummer has ever had as large and diverse of a kit as Ged Lynch.  This is understandable as Ged drum for Peter Gabriel and if you listen to Peter Gabriel’s music it is percussion heavy.  Not just drums, but percussion.  A lot of hand percussion as well as drums and it’s Ged’s job to cover all of the percussion needs for Peter Gabriel’s music, both live and in studio.


When I was sent by Rhythm Magazine to photograph Ged, it was as they were locked away in a rehearsal space preparing for their US tour.  This was ideal as Ged had his entire arsenal of equipment with him and setup.  But, it also meant that my timings were a little more restricted than normal, and the space that I had to shoot in was even more restricted.  Even though the rehearsal space was very large, Peter Gabriel’s music requires a large amount of musicians.  Not only musicians, but because they were preparing for their tour we also had all the techs on hand as well.  This all meant that the rehearsal space was alive and buzzing, if not a little crowded.


I arrived at Peter Gabriel’s rehearsal space knowing that I had around 45 minutes to get all the shots that I needed, this included setup and scouting time.  I’ve had short shoots before, so I wasn’t overly concerned by this time constraint.  This time was pushed a little because when I arrived they were in the middle of tuning Peter’s piano.  Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but it did mean that we couldn’t do any of the playing shots while they were tuning the piano.  If you don’t know, tuning a piano isn’t the easiest, or shortest of tasks and there wasn’t any timeframe for when they might be finished.  Talking with Ged, we decided to just play it by ear (no pun intended) and do the kit and portrait shots first and see where we were at with the playing shots.  If we couldn’t get them, we were going to take some of the hand percussion instruments out somewhere and do that instead.  Thankfully, the piano tuning finished when we had around 15 minutes left to shoot and all was good!


All in all the shoot went absolutely smoothly and without any hitches.  We finished up just as Peter arrived for rehearsal, and Ged was awesome to work with and full of ideas so we got a lot of different and creative shots from the shoot.  Below are the tear sheets from Rhythm Magazine and then I will post a few of my favourite shots from the shoot.


Tear Sheets:








The Images:


Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot, both used and not used by the magazine.  We have a lot of different portraits of Ged and it was hard to pick which were my favourites, but here are some of my favourites.














The Selfie:


As always, I try to get a selfie with everyone that I photograph, and Ged was more than happy to take a selfie with me!!





All photos were taken with my Fuji X-T2 and the awesome 16-55 2.8 lens.  For the kit portraits and playing shots I used two Elinchrom Quadra Rangers, with the key light being shot through a large octobox and the rim light through a small octobox.  The other portraits were a single Elinchrom Quadra Ranger shot through the large octobox.